Burglar Alarms have come a long way. We configure any type of system, from one which covers doors, windows, skylights, as well as each interior room. You can selectively arm zones to leave a particular area open while protecting the rest of the premises or, turn off the interior protection so you can move about while maintaining perimeter protection.

All entryways, from gates, garage and passage doors are under your control whether you are home or away. When someone is detected at an entryway, a camera displays them on a touchpanel or smartphone. Indoor cameras monitor spaces such as the kitchen, passageways or nursery. These options are more than convenient for vacation homes-you can check status after a storm passes without having a visit. Our systems are so sophisticated that we can even detect water leaks and low fuel levels. Another plus-you can assign different system pass codes for family or users and change them as desired. Services people can be given temporary codes that send you an alert when they enter, and automatically erase after they leave. If an unwanted breech occurs, your home security system is monitored around the clock with our optional 24-hour Central Station monitoring.