Entertainment and communication is changing. All homes are wired for the basic services such as electricity, telephone, and TV, but today’s homes demand high-speed network, communication, and video wiring. Music and video downloads, streaming services, on-line gaming, VOIP phone service, home control, and the advent of cloud computing, are no longer novelties, they are mainstream. Our structured wiring packages enable you to enjoy the best of today’s technologies now and well into the future.

We make your home network easy to use, and support you when you need us. From desktops and laptops, to sharing files, connections and printers, to wireless, home entertainment and remote monitoring, we treat your home computing as if it was a mission-critical business. We use enterprise quality components built from the ground up to ensure high performance and reliability. Even better, we can service your network remotely enabling us to handle over 80% of the service required without ever dispatching a technician who knows you and your system.