Our smart Telephone Systems do more than phone calls-they enable you to use phone system as an intercom to communicate from room to room or with visitors at your entryways and gates. When a visitor arrives, the door camera activates and sends the images to your chosen TV alerting you to who has arrived. You can then speak directly to the person via your TV, in any room of the house.

Need to do a whole-house page to get the whole family down to dinner? It’s as easy as picking up the phone. You can access any room, indoors or outside, from any desk phone – or even your smartphone.

Of course, you can make calls too! Only with better voice quality and business-grade desk sets. We recommend IP based phone systems for their flexibility. We use the same technology that’s in use in systems for boardrooms, training centers and auditoriums. This ensures years of trouble-free service even by the most demanding users (and children!)