Just as your music can be conveniently made accessible on-demand around your home, your TV, recorded shows and most importantly, your movie collection can be delivered to any monitor or video screen, just as easily. An Automated Entertainment distributed video system delivers high-definition video and digital surround sound to any room from a central storage setup. This enables you to take full advantage of wall-mounting flat-screen HDTV’s without the need to store your movie collections in racks or on shelves. All of your DVDs can be loaded into a video server that’s located in a closet or storage area. That means no clutter, no special furniture, no hunting for the kid’s DVD’s. When you desire, your collection is presented to you on-screen with easy-to-use navigation. You can sort by title, actor, director, etc. Since the system is housed out-of-sight – each room needs only the flat-screen HDTV and a set of visible or concealed speakers.

We make the system as easy and convenient to use as a light switch. Intuitive remote controls backed up with wall-mounted touchscreens (good for the kitchen) give you one-button access to your shows and movies. Surround sound speakers can be hidden in walls and ceilings, indoors or outside. This is entertainment as it was meant to be!