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The Concentro M Floorstanding Speaker

The Concentro M commands respect. Creating its own unique visual impact, Concentro proves that quality can be delivered in an exquisitely designed package. With a variable VX chassis, you can tailor the sound to your listening area, while four 220 mm woofers, installed in a pulse-compensated configuration, ensure exceptional bass delivery in any room.

Explore this exquisite piece of technology today.


The sound of Dreams: Unif-Fi 2.0 Series

The Uni-Fi 2.0 series has arrived at automated entertainment. Featuring changes that elevate the performance beyond the originals, you will be surprised at the audio quality output by these speakers. From drivers to sleek new designs, this new series redefines what is expected from affordable loudspeakers.


Muro SUB2010 Slim Subwoofer

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ELAC Alchemy DDP-2 Preamplifier

DOW42 On-Wall Speakers

Muro SUB2010 Slim Subwoofer

Muro SUB2010 Slim Subwoofer





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