Home Theatre

Our team is the premier choice to create the home theatre of your dreams.

Automated Entertainment home theatres are highly engineered and elegantly designed. State-of-the-art speakers, amplifiers and acoustic controls guarantee the finest sound, while ultra wide screens combined with 4K ultra-high-resolution projectors create an immersive movie experience.

Lights, camera, action!

Hear every deafening boom and see every explosion as though you were there.

At Automated Entertainment we design home theatre experiences that will blow you away! With a large range of sound systems and high-definition screens, we can build you the home theatre that suits your budget and your needs. All of our systems are controlled with a single touch of a button on a smart phone or tablet which means that you will never have to miss a moment of the action!

Bring the movies home and experience entertainment at its best with carefully planned, easy to use home theatres.

Enhance your viewing experience.

Become completely absorbed in the on-screen action thanks to the comfort of our high-quality theatre seating. Experience quality relaxation and the rich choice of features and design elements in our theatre chairs that empower your media experience.

Acoustic panels allow you to improve the quality of your sound environment while also enhancing the aesthetics of the room. Acoustic panels improve tonal balance, movie intelligibility and minimize sound reflections. Enhancing the acoustics and aesthetics of your entertainment space will improve your enjoyment of your home and your music.


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