Innovative and future-ready solutions for your Shades.

Regulate daylight in residential and commercial spaces with a shading solution designed to optimize comfort and lower energy costs.

At Automated Entertainment, we believe that there is a shading control system that suits you and your lifestyle.

High-Precision Control of Shades Provides Exceptional Style and Privacy

Choose from a variety of high-end design, fabric and color options Effortlessly close all shades to protect your family’s privacy Manage natural light to preserve delicate furnishings and artwork.

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Gone are the days of using window shades only to block the sunlight. Use programmed pre-sets to your advantage by allowing your system to open/close shades during the day to control room temperature. Different seasonal presents help save additional energy beyond routine use of shades.
Not only our shading solutions beautifully designed and a visual asset to your décor, but it is an investment for your expensive furnishings as it prevents damage from harsh UV rays.